DNA Genealogy

DNA Testing is an intriguing and exciting way to trace your family history.

For many years DNA has been used for scientific and medical research and to solve crimes.  This technology is now used as a tool to explore our history.  

DNA can tell us about our ancestry going back for thousands of years even before the use of written records. DNA can be used to prove or disprove family lore in the absence of supporting documentation. 

John Baker used DNA testing in addition to historical documents to trace his ancestry. In the Washingtons of Wessyngton, he used DNA to determine the origins of Wessyngton families whose present-day descendants he could not trace.

The Wessyngton DNA project included descendants from several branches of Washingtons who came to Wessyngton from the late 1790s through the early 1800s and many other families including the plantation owners.

John Baker’s can show you how DNA can unravel your family's past.

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