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Genealogy is the study of one's family history, lineage or ancestry.  All of us are at least curious about who our ancestors were, what they did or what they looked like.  The study of one's family can be very rewarding when you discover long forgotten information about your ancestors.  Whether your family came to America free or as a slave John Baker can help you trace your family tree.



What are some of the challenges in tracing African American Genealogy?


Due to slavery in the United State from 1619-1865, genealogical research for African Americans is more difficult to trace than other Americans.  This is especially true when you to try conduct research before 1865 when most African Americans were enslaved.  This era has been referred to as a "Brick Wall" for many African Americans doing family research.  However, with more than thirty-three years of experience John Baker can assist you in tracing your ancestry before 1865.


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