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Using Dynamic PowerPoint presentations with hundreds of rare photographs John brings history to life.

Have Expert Genealogist and Historian John Baker talk to your group about tracing their ancestors. Your group will learn about genealogy, American history, African American culture and history, the Civil War, DNA testing, and overall knowledge for creating their own family tree. He will also discuss how he traced his family history for over thirty years and the astounding information he found to write The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation: Stories of My Family's Journey to Freedom.  

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John presents many topics relating to his research: African American Genealogy and History • Civil War • Plantation Life • Slavery • DNA Testing • Genealogical Research.



Tracing Your History & Genealogy

30-Year Journey and Research -John Baker takes you along with him on his thirty-year journey of discovery to find his ancestors and hundreds of others once enslaved on Wessyngton Plantation, the largest tobacco plantation in America.  He  shares with you his research techniques using thousands of documents, and how he came to write The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation: Stories of My Family's Journey to Freedom.   

How to Document Your Genealogical Research Step by StepDiscovering your roots has great rewards for you and your family but most people don’t know where to start. John Baker reveals very simple steps in how to research and document your history. He also discusses the thirty-year journey that led him to uncover the history of his ancestors as well as the owners of one of America’s largest plantations. By the end of this presentation you’ll know how to create a family tree that can be treasured by you and your entire family. 



How to Effectively Document An Oral History to Preserve Your Roots  Older family members have valuable information and the spoken word is oftentimes the most compelling portrait of our ancestors. This presentation teaches you how to preserve your family history, through interviews and compilations of amazing oral histories, to create a body of work to be shared with the world and future generations.



Discover How to Use Research & DNA to Unravel Your Family HistoryGive the wonderful gift of your family history to generation after generation. In an inspiring and exciting presentation, John Baker teaches you how to unravel your family history through researching historical documents, using current technologies such as DNA, and documenting oral histories. You’ll take a look at rare documents and photos that John Baker collected to uncover 250 years of his family’s history, and hundreds of others. 

African American History


The Impact of Uncovering African American History to Educate Today’s Youth – Teach today’s children that the sky is the limit by educating them about their past. John Baker will talk to the youth about tracing their history and empower them to celebrate their ancestors’ accomplishments. This presentation will encourage today’s youth to achieve great success and fulfill their dreams.

Tracing the African American Legacy to Empower Your CommunityJohn Baker shows you how to find the treasures in African American history to empower your community and others around you. He reveals hundreds of historical photos and documents that have been recovered to show the triumphs of the African American family.