Family Reunion in 2000
Washington Family Reunion at Wessyngton Plantation, 2000. This photo of Washington descendants was taken in the same spot as Baker's ancestors more than 100 years earlier.

Family Reunions

Robertson County, Tennessee is populated by hundreds if not thousands of descendants whose ancestors were once enslaved at Wessyngton Plantation.  Many of these families still hold annual or bi-annual reunions.  Some families have maintained this tradition of having reunions since the late 1800s and early 1900s.Today many families who have Wessyngton roots have incorporated a tour of the plantation into their reunions.

Baker conducts the tours for these families and shares his wealth of knowledge about their early ancestors at Wessyngton.

Families holding reunions in the area who have ties to Wessyngton include several branches of Washingtons, the Gardners, Greens, Scotts and Terrys.

In 2000 Baker conducted a tour for his own Washington family reunion which was televised by a local CBS affiliate.